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Monday, 9 January 2017

JMeter - Installation of JDK on Mac OS

Easy steps to Install JDK on Mac:
1. Check if JDK is Pre-Installed:
In some Mac systems (earlier than Mac OS X 10.7 Lion), JDK has been pre-installed. To check if JDK has been installed, open a "Terminal" (Finder ⇒ Go ⇒ Utilities ⇒ Terminal) and type this command:
     javac -version
  • If a JDK version number is returned (e.g., JDK 1.x.x), then JDK has already been installed. If the JDK version is prior to 1.7, proceed to Step 2 to install the latest JDK followed by Step 3.
  • If the message "command not found" appears, JDK is not installed. Proceed to the "Step 2: Download JDK".
  • If the message "To open javac, you need a Java runtime" appears, select "Install" and follow the instructions to install JDK. 
2. Download JDK:
3. Install JDK/JRE:
  • Double-click the downloaded Disk Image (DMG) file. Follow the screen instructions to install JDK/JRE.
  • Eject the DMG file.
  • To verify your installation, open a "Terminal" and type "javac -version" commands

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