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Monday, 12 September 2016

Why should you choose Microfocus (HP) SiteScope?

HP SiteScope
Microfocus (HP) SiteScope is an agentless monitoring solution designed to ensure the availability and performance of servers, operating systems, network devices, applications and application components. This can be easily configured with Microfocus LoadRunner or Performance Center. This web-based infrastructure monitoring solution is lightweight, highly customizable, and does not require data collection agents to be installed on your production systems. With SiteScope, you gain the real-time information you need to verify infrastructure operations, stay apprised of problems, and solve bottlenecks before they become critical. SiteScope also includes templates that enable development of standardized monitoring organization and speeding up of monitor deployment. SiteScope also includes alert types that you can use to communicate and record event information in a variety of media. You can customize alert templates to meet the needs of your organization. While native monitoring in Performance Center may cover most of an organization's average needs, it is SiteScope, with its vast collection of monitors along with pre-packaged templates that are built to answer all possible monitoring requirements. SiteScope was pioneered as the industry's first agentless monitoring solution. SiteScope users have benefited from its industry-proven, agentless monitoring architecture. Unlike agent-based monitoring approaches, SiteScope reduces total cost of ownership by: 
  • Gathering detailed performance data for infrastructure components
  • Reducing the time and cost of maintenance by consolidating all monitoring components to a central server
  • Eliminating the possibility of an unstable agent affecting system performance.
SiteScope has many features like:
  • Configure and automate application monitoring for today’s dynamic cloud environments using APIs, Operation Orchestration flows, and Cloud Service Automation.
  • Dynamically update by adding and removing counters and thresholds as virtual machines move from one host system to another, and change thresholds based on historical monitoring data.
  • Achieve fast ROI—zero to value in less than 60 minutes—through rapid installation, updating, monitoring, and deployment by using mass-deploy templates and the Publish Changes feature.
  • Monitor utilization, response time, usage, and availability across a variety of host types and application platforms including Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, WebLogic, and many more.
  • Incorporate a broad range of virtualization platform and monitoring types including Amazon Web Services monitoring and Amazon Cloud Watch integration for auto-scaling, alerting, and reporting support.
  • Monitor products from multiple vendors to predict potential problems in critical applications before users are affected.
  • SiteScope has Browser-based Interface which manages end-user status information requests, configuration change requests, and access control.
  • Using Scheduler option you can create a different type of running of monitors for the particular time period, alert creation and report generation.
  • Monitors collect different type of performance and availability information about the system being monitored which help to find out bottleneck.
  • Micro Focus Sitescope alert is one of the best feature, based on the configuration the alerts will be triggered automatically to our e-mail.
  • Different type of monitoring reports can be generated for analysis and debugging purposes.
There are a couple of drawbacks/limitations also associated with SiteScope:
  • Micro Focus SiteScope works by repeatedly logging in to the server remotely from the console, collecting the parameters, and generating the alerts. 
  • SiteScope does not monitor certain physical components. For example, SiteScope cannot monitor power supplies failing, failed hard drives (it DOES monitor disk space), array controllers, etc.
  • SiteScope does not offer to cascade alerting
  • It is not appropriate for a very large scale environment as the tool has some scalability issues
SiteScope Monitors
SiteScope monitors more than 100 different target types for critical health and performance characteristics. You can also extend your monitoring environment by creating your own monitor types and customizing existing monitors.
Application Monitors
  • Active Directory Replication Monitor
  • Apache Server Monitor
  • BroadVision Application Server Monitor
  • Check Point Monitor
  • Cisco Works Monitor
  • Citrix Monitor
  • ColdFusion Server Monitor
  • COM+ Server Monitor
  • F5 Big-IP Monitor
  • HAProxy Monitor
  • Mail Monitor
  • MAPI Monitor
  • Memcached Statistics Monitor
  • Microsoft ASP Server Monitor
  • Microsoft Exchange Monitor
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Monitor
  • Microsoft Exchange Message Traffic Monitor
  • Microsoft Exchange Public Folder Monitor
  • Microsoft IIS Server Monitor
  • News Monitor
  • Oracle 9i Application Server Monitor
  • Oracle 10g Application Server Monitor
  • Radius Monitor
  • SAP CCMS Monitor
  • SAP CCMS Alerts Monitor
  • SAP Java Web Application Server Monitor
  • SAP Performance Monitor
  • SAP Work Processes Monitor
  • Siebel Application Server Monitor
  • Siebel Log File Monitor
  • Siebel Web Server Monitor
  • SunONE Web Server Monitor
  • Tuxedo Monitor
  • UDDI Monitor
  • WebLogic Application Server Monitor
  • Web Server Monitor
  • WebSphere Application Server Monitor
  • WebSphere MQ Status Monitor
  • WebSphere Performance Servlet Monitor
Custom Monitors
  • Custom Monitor
  • Custom Database Monitor
  • Custom Log File Monitor
  • Custom WMI Monitor
Database Monitors
  • Database Counter Monitor
  • Database Query Monitor
  • DB2 Monitor
  • LDAP Monitor
  • Microsoft SQL Server Monitor
  • Oracle Database Monitor
  • Sybase Monitor
  • Generic Monitors
  • Composite Monitor
  • Directory Monitor
  • File Monitor
  • Formula Composite Monitor
  • JMX Monitor
  • Log File Monitor
  • Multi Log Monitor
  • Script Monitor
  • Syslog Monitor
  • Web Service Monitor
  • XML Metrics Monitor
  • Integration Monitors
  • HPE OM Event Monitor
  • HPE Service Manager Monitor
  • NetScout Event Monitor
  • Technology Database Integration Monitor
  • Technology Log File Integration Monitor
  • Technology SNMP Trap Integration Monitor
  • Technology Web Service Integration Monitor
  • Media Monitors
  • Microsoft A/V Conferencing Server
  • Microsoft Lync Server Monitors
  • Microsoft Archiving Server
  • Microsoft Director Server
  • Microsoft Edge Server
  • Microsoft Front End Server
  • Microsoft Mediation Server
  • Microsoft Monitoring and CDR Server
  • Microsoft Registrar Server
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player Monitor
  • Real Media Player Monitor
  • Network Monitors
  • DNS Monitor
  • FTP Monitor
  • Microsoft Windows Dial-up Monitor
  • Network Bandwidth Monitor
  • Ping Monitor
  • Port Monitor
  • SNMP Monitor
  • SNMP Trap Monitor
  • SNMP by MIB Monitor
Server Monitors
  • Browsable Windows Performance Monitor
  • CPU Monitor
  • Disk Space Monitor (Deprecated)
  • DHCP Monitor
  • Dynamic Disk Space Monitor
  • HPE iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) Monitor
  • HPE NonStop Event Log Monitor
  • HPE NonStop Resources Monitor
  • IPMI Monitor
  • Memory Monitor
  • Microsoft Windows Event Log Monitor
  • Microsoft Windows Performance Counter Monitor
  • Microsoft Windows Resources Monitor
  • Microsoft Windows Services State Monitor
  • Service Monitor
  • UNIX Resources Monitor
  • Virtualization and Cloud Monitors
  • Amazon Web Services Monitor
  • Generic Hypervisor Monitor
  • KVM Monitor
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Monitor
  • Solaris Zones Monitor
  • VMware Datastore Monitor
  • VMware Host CPU
  • VMware Host Monitors
  • VMware Host Memory
  • VMware Host Network
  • VMware Host State
  • VMware Host Storage
  • VMware Performance Monitor
Web Transaction Monitors
  • e-Business Transaction Monitor
  • Link Check Monitor
  • URL Monitor
  • URL Content Monitor
  • URL List Monitor
  • URL Sequence Monitor
  • Web Script Monitor
Big Data Monitors
  • HPE Vertica
  • Hadoop
However, Micro Focus SiteScope is well suited for remote/agentless monitoring. If installing an agent is not an option, then Micro Focus SiteScope is a great tool to use. All you need is to set up a user/service account to enable monitoring and start collection metrics. That's the reason I like Micro Focus SiteScope.

You can download SiteScope’s trial version from below link:


Disclaimer: Brand Name, Logo and Links are subject to change as per product and company policy. It is advisable to refer to SiteScope official site.


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