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Monday, 17 October 2016

Regular Expression (regex) - Easy to learn


  1. "I very much enjoyed this article.Nice article thanks for given this information. i hope it useful to many pepole.php jobs in hyderabad.

  2. Amazingg..the way you explain all the terminologies is very easy to understand.
    Thanks for sharing all the information under one roof.


  3. Hi Gagan,
    If possible could you please give any example for this correlation on LoadRunner

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      Please refer my another blog which explains LR correlation via Regular Expression. Link is given below:

  4. Hi ,
    I am having below scenario-
    I am getting response from from service for e.g.- India|South Africa ... i need to pass in next request India in one iteration and South Africa in another iteration, but i m just able to caputure India using regex -> (^\w+) but unable to find for rest ones.
    Could yu plz help me with this and suggest me way ,to pass another value(South Africa) in next iteration.

    1. Hi Pallawi,

      First thing is that RegEx parameter value is live for current iteration only. Once the iteration change RegEx parameter becomes NULL, so you can not capture the value once and then pass it in the successive iteration.

      The suggested way to capture the value in each iteration.

      Regarding issue in capturing the South Africa. Request you to send me full string, so that I can provide you the RegEx token.

    2. Hi
      Thanks for replying.
      Actually i got the regex expression for that.i have used- ([^|]+).