Tuesday, 26 February 2019

PerfMatrix - The Core Performance Testing Blog

“PerfMatrix - The Core Performance Testing Blog” is not just a blog for me. It’s more than my day-to-day experience of software performance testing. Instead of keeping my experience and knowledge in my small mind, I just thought to share with the world, by writing in the simple words along with some practical example which helps readers to understand the performance testing concept more deeply and of course free of cost.

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1. Grab knowledge on Performance Testing and popular performance testing tool free of cost. 
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7. Performance Testing tool and tool related topics are separated by months which you can refer; given in the "Blog Archive" section.
8. The detailed explanation of topics along with the example in simple language. 
9. Useful tips and tricks related to performance testing.
10. Interview Questions & Answers. 
11. Performance Testing Quiz and many more things 
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A vote of thanks to Dear Readers: 
My blog journey was started in Sep 2016 and keeps on running along with my learning in this Performance Testing World. This is my zeal for learning only which leads me to write the blog on what I experienced, faced and learned.

I am glad to say that every day I get many queries to answer, many requests to write the blog on new topics, appreciation, comments and of course, Facebook likes. Due to a busy schedule; I address some of the queries on the same day while some queries are delayed to answer. Even though, I am getting your continue love and strong trust. I would be thankful for this.
Gagandeep Malviya

Disclaimer: This blog is related to performance testing approach, performance testing tools, and their functioning. To write the blog I have referred Performance Testing tools official site like Micro Focus LoadRunner, Apache JMeter etc. to make the available content more readable, knowledgeable and understandable to the layman. If anyone has any issue with the blog or written content or any suggestions then please write an email to me @ gd.performance.tester@gmail.com