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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

LoadRunner - Difference Between Correlation Functions

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  1. How do you decide Ramp-up time???

    1. Hi Shivani,

      You have to choose the ramp-up/down wise fully.

      The more ramp-up time is given then more users become async. I will explain you.

      Let's say you have 5 users and running for 1 iteration only. But the iteration is completed in 10 minutes.

      Case 1: Ramp-up 2 minutes per user

      Then when the last user enter then the first will be exited. Hence no concurrency of 10 user will be achieved

      Case 2: Ramp-up 2 seconds per users

      In such case you will get practical result because all 10 users will be active in the system at least for 9 minutes and 50 seconds