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Thursday, 6 October 2016

JMeter - Access Token Issue

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  1. Hi,

    Good article, but if this token expires in X seconds... How can you solve this issue? How do you get a new token, and pass on through the rest of threads?

    1. Hi Rafael,

      Token expiration feature is related to the security and this is not an issue. To simulate this situation in the performance testing scenario either:

      1. Do login every time when new iteration starts
      2. Let's say token expires in X seconds then keep the business logic in the loop and set the loop count like this so that loop is completed within X seconds and when new iteration starts again a new token will be generated.

  2. Hi Gagandeep,

    We need to load test for sso login page and navigate to new url for 1000 users, but we are getting connection reset error once 20+ users were logged into application (intermittent)
    Tried to change http request implementation as http cleint4 but the result is same error,
    Tried with downgrade version of jmeter 2.6
    Some times we were able to load all 1k users but some times we are getting connection reset error.
    Please help me to solve this

    1. Please uncheck the "Use Keep Alive" checkbox.